Fundraising Opportunities

We do a lot of fundraising in our communities.  While each of our stores (see store locator above for contact information) is a great place to work within your community, you should always feel free to work with the management team on fundraising work.  Our email (spelled out to avoid spam) is community at speedigourmet dot com

Now for examples of how we can help you.

Cake donations: in our 7 cake stores we do make donations of cakes to auction at silent auction. You are provided a special photo quality certificate to give to the lucky auction winner, and your guests and supporters bid to buy that opportunity. We have a lot of success with this, and our experience would indicate that most people are willing to big $40 or $50 for the cake – above what it retails at.




Cake pre-sells: if you allow us to join your fundraising gathering, we will pre-sell certificates for a cake on location. We are equipped to take credit cards on the spot – a huge convenience for your supporters.


Sports teams: we love supporting sports teams! While our participation is customized by location and team, it often includes uniform support plus “Coaches Cards” giving coaches discounts to provide treats for teams, like a couple of boxes of Dilly Bars. Additionally, teams that visit the location in uniform receive a free kids cone! New for 2012 is a “Fan Card” which can be coordinated for discounts for fans of your sports teams – this is completely customized by group. We’ve done catering to events, created all sorts of special cakes for team celebrations, and many other activities.


Shared proceeds events: we also have opportunities for “sharing our proceeds”. An example is an effort done for a school near one of our locations: we donated $1 for each Julius Juicer (fresh squeezed juice from your choice of Oranges, Beets, Celery, Ginger, and Carrot – very healthy!) sold during a week to the school’s Music Society.  We both won – we got new customers and the Music Society made progress toward their travel fund goal.

Those are just examples of our work – but we’d love to hear from you and see how we can help your organization get the funding it needs to create great experiences for your members!

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