Store Manager

Your Role:  Oversee all aspects of restaurant operations and local marketing for a store owned by Speedi Gourmet, Ltd.

Reporting to you:  your store staff, and depending on location, Shift Leaders and/or Assistant Managers

What you’re good at:

Leading people.  You:

  • Correct and coach whenever feasible and adapt your comments to your audience
  • Have a desire to learn and stay current with all aspects of our store operations.  This requires you to know operational procedures for Dairy Queen, Orange Julius, and Vanelli’s Pizza & Pasta.
  • Desire accountability for you and your teams’ business results as well as your personal actions and words.

Nurture talent.  You:

  • Look for top talent all the time, everywhere
  • Enjoy and are good at training people, create clear fact-based performance reviews and handle underperformance professionally and swiftly
  • Seek out high performers within the staff and prepare them for bigger roles

Excellence in customer service.  You:

  • Love retail, people, and delivering excellent service
  • Handle customer service issues and concerns with ease and empathy

Organized.  You:

  • Enjoy the process of preparing staffing charts for staff members, balancing personal needs, financial costs, and customer service.
  • Find the process of paperwork interesting and easy to complete.  This may include weekly reports of store performance and performance reviews.
  • Think like an owner – you order in enough products to insure you can serve all customers, but not so many as to overstock small storage areas or spend unnecessarily in advance of needs.

Confident Communicator.  You:

  • Speak and write clear, easily understood English
  • We appreciate and reward fluency in secondary languages common in GVRD.
  • Comfortable communicating in a variety of methods such as via phone, email, one on one, in-person to store teams and to a variety of customers

Technically Skilled.  You:

  • Conversant with touchscreen register systems, internet connections for reporting and ordering (if a cake store) and can assist in troubleshooting if required.
  • Comfortable using Microsoft Office, web based programs, and social media tools, and can teach others these skills.

You are comfortable working in a fast paced food-service retail environment that includes:

  • Working on your feet for 8 hours in a day, including lifting up to 25 pounds at a time.
  • A work week of Tuesday – Saturday, 5 shifts per week of 8 hours per shift.  You will work at least one closing per week.  Our stores are generally open 9am-10pm, although there are seasonal and location variances.
  • If needed, you may need to work on short notice a longer shift or a day scheduled as “off”.  In lieu of overtime, you will work with your Area Supervisor to schedule your time differently to account for these extra hours within the next pay period.
  • A busy season of November/December in the mall stores and June-August in our street stores.  This means that:
    • These will be your busiest days
    • These time periods will not be available for planned holiday time
    • You will be expected to schedule yourself on staff during the busiest hours of the busiest days during this period.
  • Statutory holidays are usually expected to be first staffed with the store manager with other staff members assisting as needed.  Just like longer shifts, managers then schedule themselves out of the store appropriately within the next pay period.

Your experience includes:

  • A college degree or proven learning initiative such as supplemental coursework
  • Significant work experience in food service or high volume retail at the Assistant Manager or Store Manager level

Does this sound like you!  Then we have two things we need you to do to:

  1. Fill out the application below
  2. Send an email to In the subject line please type your first and last name. In the body of the email please create a cover letter highlighting why you are a perfect person to manage a store for Speedi Gourmet. Attach your current resume to that email in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format.

Thanks for completing all that paperwork!

Remember to send an email to, include your resume and why you want to work for Speedi Gourmet.

We look forward to reviewing your application and email. Now – go have a Blizzard or an Orange Julius!

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